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                          your requirement is for point-to-point connections to 
                          form part of a national or international network or 
                          if you just require Internet connectivity there are 
                          a wide range of carriers and ISPs installed at our facility. 
                          These include:FibernetEquantYour 
                            & WirelessBTThusNTL

                          addition to the carriers and ISPs located in our facility 
                          we also host the MaNAP 
                          Internet exchange (IX). MaNAP was the second IX in the 
                          UK and allows members to exchange data between their 
                          networks at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.

                          you wish to discuss your requirements we have built 
                          up considerable expertise in the communications market 
                          place that has developed in our facility and we can 
                          provide neutral advice and guidance. We will even prepare 
                          a Bandwidth Report free 
                          of charge detailing the choices available to you.


 companies are fully aware of the need to ensure that their valuable data is not lost. Nowhere is the importance of protecting data more apparent than when companies are doing business on the web. In many cases without the information held on their servers the company would  have no business. The importance of carrying out regular  backups is, therefore, self evident  Facilitators robotic tape library system allows customers  to have fully automated backups of their file store.  The standard service provides full backups on a daily  basis with weekly incremental backups, but this can   be tailored to particular customers' need access to such systems has been restricted to all but   the largest organisations with large IT budgets, however by using a shared system, cost-effective, scalable solution  can be implemented by even the smallest company running   just a single server.